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F4: Food, Fun and a Film with your Family

Come one, come all to a great evening of food, fun, and a film with your family!

DATE: June 13, 2014

MOVIE: Bee Movie (87 min.) 

Menu:      Pasta Bake + ice cream for dessert

*All F4 meals include a fresh veggie and dip platter and/or an additional salad

SUGGESTED DONATION: $4/child and $6/adult

MEAL START TIME: 6 pm                         MOVIE START TIME: 7:00

PLEASE RSVP: cpuc.f4@gmail.com

Every family probably  thinks the same thing as the weekend approaches: If only there were a way to have a good meal out, some quality entertainment for the kids and time for relaxing and chatting with other like-minded friends. But it’s just too expensive, and taking the kids out to eat at a “real” restaurant can be a truly exhausting enterprise, leaving no room for conversation.

That’s why Cedar Park created F4 nights! For a small donation (we suggest $4 per child, $6 per adult–but d048on’t let the price keep you away!), a great evening can be had by all—kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours…everybody! Each month, a home-cooked meal is served in the church hall, followed by a movie on a huge screen (with cinema-worthy acoustics!) Children bring their sleeping bags and pillows to snuggle up with during the show. F4 provides a unique venue for intergenerational sharing and support.
Wondering what F4 is really like? Click here to have a look: 

F4: Food, Fun and a Film with your Family092

Upwards of 70 people attend these events, and children are enthralled by change of location and fun atmosphere. Parents enjoy taking a break from it all and making new friends. Best of all, you often can purchase leftovers on your way home, giving you yet another cooking-free evening to look forward to!

Now families are thinking: Thank goodness there’s F4!

 Mark these dates on your calendar now so you won’t miss any of these fun F4 events! You can also download the 2013-2014 dates and put them right up on your fridge!


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