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Are you curious about what going to church is like today? Have you been thinking about giving Cedar Park United Church a try…but you’re just not ready yet?  Before you put on your shoes to come on over, you might find it helpful to have more nitty-gritty information about what the Cedar Park experience is like. Below we`ve done our best to provide answers to the questions we think newcomers like you might have.

But since we may not have addressed your specific question, please feel free to contact us (cedarparkunited@videotron.ca) and we will do our best to help you further.

1. When is your Sunday worship service, and how long does it last?

We come together on Sunday mornings at 10 and the service normally ends shortly after 11. We know that everyone has a busy schedule, so we try to keep as close to the ending time as possible. However, people often stick around much longer to enjoy each other’s company at the coffee time that follows the service.

2. Is it difficult to find parking around the church, and can I reach you by public transport?

Our adjacent parking lot has lots of space and, when it fills up, there is still ample street parking. And you don’t necessarily need a car to reach us: there are several buses that bring you within a short walk from us.

3. Can I worship with you and find out what you do?

Of course!  Everyone is welcome, no matter what. We invite you to bring your unique gifts and needs to our community.  Try us out and see how it feels. 

4. I’ve never brought my young children to a church service. What if they get bored or disrupt the service?

At Cedar Park, we give our littlest worshippers the warmest of welcomes.  We also do our best to make it as stress-free an experience for their parents as possible. We have a staffed nursery for the very little ones, and a KidZone program for preschoolers to 7th graders which meets in our Fellowship Hall after the first 15 minutes of the service. During those first 15 minutes, the children are welcome to grab a clipboard and some colouring sheets from the table at the back of the sanctuary to help pass the time before the minister calls them to the front for a special children’s time.

5. What do people wear to church these days? I’m a bit nervous about feeling over or under dressed…

Please come as you are. Whether you feel comfortable in jeans or a dress, in a 3-piece suit or a jogging suit, please come.

6. You say that everyone is welcome. But what if I tell you I am divorced or gay or — it seems like so many churches have an exception to their welcome…

Cedar Park is an affirming ministry that values inclusivity and diversity, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Our welcome has no little asterisk at the bottom listing those for whom the welcome does not apply! Come join us.

7. Since I haven’t ever come to church, will I be able to follow the service, or will I be lost?

When you first arrive, you’ll receive a bulletin with every step of the service detailed on it (including hymn page numbers, etc.). We aren’t a club with a secret handshake–we’ll make sure you can follow right along.

8. What about Holy Communion? When does that happen, and who is allowed to participate?

Communion (sometimes called Eucharist or Mass in other traditions) is served on the first Sunday of every month, and all are invited to participate, whether you come from another church or of no church. We believe that Jesus invites us all to share in this special celebration: children and adults alike.

9. What if I come from a different faith tradition, or am not sure about my beliefs—am I still welcome?

Absolutely. At Cedar Park United, we value spiritual growth. We are seekers of understanding and provide a safe environment for exploring faith and spirituality together. There are no dumb or wrong questions.

10. What happens when the service is over?

Everyone is invited to have coffee and tea in our Fellowship Hall following the service. This is a great time for members of the community to get to know each other better, and to meet newcomers! It’s very informal, and a happy time for kids to get their wiggles out while parents enjoy mixing and mingling. Please don’t be shy—follow the crowd right in and enjoy!

11. I can’t imagine adding church to my already-packed weekly schedule. Do people really come every week?

Many people really do. What keeps people of all ages returning to Cedar Park United Church Sunday after Sunday is the sense of belonging and community which they discover there. It’s a place where people notice if you don’t make it one Sunday—not because they are judging you, but because they miss you! It’s a place where intergenerational caring takes place—especially for those who may be far away from their biological families. People make time to come to Cedar Park United each Sunday because it recharges their emotional and spiritual batteries so they can make it through another week in this our complex world. We look forward to meeting you!

12. Is the church only alive on Sunday mornings? Is anything else going on during the week?

You bet! From family movie nights to choir rehearsals, from Thursday morning parent-child play groups to Friday evening Coffee Houses, from Discussion Group to Bible studies, Cedar Park is a very busy place during the week. Have a look around our website to discover more about the wide variety of events that we have planned. You’re sure to find an activity that’s just right for you. We look forward to meeting you!

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